Tai Chi Chuan

O TAI CHI CHUAN é uma arte milenar chinesa e através de seus exercícios suaves busca a saúde do Homem de Bem.
A prática do Tai-Chi ocasiona um impacto no SNC e constrói uma fina base para o melhoramento dos outros nove sistemas orgânicos do corpo humano: estrutura óssea, músculos, aparelho circulatório, sistema linfático, aparelho excretor(pulmões e rins), aparelho disgestivo, glândulas endócrinas, sistema nervoso e orgãos sensoriais.
Além de tranquilizar e aumentar a percepção…

I`ve been practiced Taoist Tai Chi since 1990. The style that I learned came from The Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada. The Taoist Tai Chi was first introduced to North America by Master Moy Lin-shin. He studied the Taoist arts of health and longevity for over thirty years in China and Hong Kong.

With diligent practice, this type of movement produces a profound effect on all systems of the body by reducing tension, improving circulation and increasing strength and flexibility. In time, the internal aspects of the art of Taoist Tai Chi penetrate deeper than the muscles to benefit the entire physiology.

I began to learn lok Hup some years ago but …

Lok Hup Ba Fa is a fundamental taichi concept. Lok Hup (literally means 6 togetherness, if there’s such a word in English) 3 of them governs the mental part of taichi and the other 3 takes care of the physical aspect.

3 internal togetherness (groan… roll eyes) – Heart and Will, Strength and Chi, Tendon and Bone.

3 external togetherness (i gotta stop groaning) – Hands and Feet, Shoulders and Hips, Elbows and Knees.

Basically, you need to seek harmony with the elements to achieve the 6 harmonies. Once you get them together, your skills will improve tremendously.