Talks in an Elevator

Today’s Prompt: Elevator blog. If you were in an elevator with someone and they asked about your blog, your Health Activism, your community, or your condition. What would you tell them?

November 14th

This post was written as part of NHBPM  – 30 health posts in 30 days

The 30-second version

I am a psychologist and live with focal dystonia since childhood. I learned to live with this limitation and never gave up seeking my goals. My life has never been easier with this limitation, but I have achieved many accomplishments and victories.

The 1-minute version

I do not understand how many people have no health problems or limitations such as writer’s cramp and always complaining of life, can not succeed or produce something interesting. Will  it be the degree of resilience or the fact of having been created with pampering, without knowing fend for themselves, without difficulty that make people behave this way?

Today, people complain too much and not knowing how to live with more understanding and patience.

The 2-minute version

My blog talks about behavior and dystonia. I like to write … It seems an irony of fate! My illness called “upper limb dystonia” has prevented me from writing and typing. I do this with lot of discomfort and difficulty. I have tried to write articles for NHBPM, but has been very difficult for me. However, I do not give up and I am proud to participate in the NHBPM.

My blog is a way to feel alive by sharing my experiences, my life with dystonia and trying to reflect on the daily behavior of people.

I have received good comments from friends. And on the other hand, I have received some constructive criticism to help me improve the blog.

I think it’s important to be a health activist, and have commitment to psychology.


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