I still remember…

I still remember the day I went to a neurologist and I was diagnosed I had writer’s cramp.This happened in 2000. I suffered a lot without knowing what was my problem. And when I was diagnosed, I suffered even more … so far.
I still remember the time I was a kid and had the most difficult to write but did not know I had dystonia. I took hard on the pencil and wrote very slowly. My classmates laughed at and mocked me because of my difficulty in writing.
I still remember my mother and teachers forced me to write well and fast. I remember I cried and did not understand what was happening to me …
I still remember it was always hard for me to study … I remember the day I passed a test to enter university in sociology in 1984.
I still remember the day I entered the university for psychology after being four years studying sociology. These achievements seemed like a miracle … I could not write ….sometimes only with great difficulty. Nobody understood me or helped me.
  Even with these difficulties, I remember good times in my childhood when I was on vacation and went to a small farm of some friends of my mother. I enjoyed riding a horse and take the cattle to graze and be loose on the field.

This post was written as part of  NHBPM  – 30 health posts in 30 days.

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