Health Time Capsule

I am participating in the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge, in which I publish a post every day for the month of April, based on health-related prompts.

 My time capsule would be a collection of writings and images compiled into a digital format that is not hidden, but everyone can access.

 My time capsule is my own Blog that has many articles with photos and videos, life experiences and tips for LIVING WITH DYSTONIA. In fact, in my time capsule, anyone can find information and links from around the world about this crippling disease.

 People with dystonia who access this time capsule in the future may not suffer much, because they have many experiences of others, including my own suffering, to help them live with dystonia and probably everyone will have access to sophisticated treatment of the disease, in the future.

 However, all files in the Blog will serve as an important museum  to learn from history and from my experience LIVING WITH DYSTONIA. Anyway, remember a distant time where people with dystonia had no effective treatment option.

 My Blog posts, in fact, has the purpose of sharing the experiences and suffering of a life with dystonia and learn with others who live with dystonia.


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