DAY 2: Two Quotes

I  remembered two quotes that I enjoy very much:

“We learn little with the victory, but you learn a lot with the defeat.”

Japanese Proverb

“Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other – no matter who – and this will help to grow a love for one another.”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I liked these two quotes because firstly people need to learn that maturity comes only when we face the difficulties and obstacles of life. Someone who never felt the pain of a loss or who do not know what it means “to lose” is really an immature person.  People LIVING WITH DYSTONIA know very well the meaning of this quote.

You must get away from those people who only have advantages…

Regarding the second quote from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, I think what is missing in our modern society is exactly the smile, humanity and human warmth.  Our society has advanced technology in all areas, but we live in times where people have no mercy attitude, lacking appreciation for the human being.

We live in an age where the more you have power and money, the more you want, and when you do not have, the desire remains. Human relationships are  based on appearances and the economic and social interest.

We live in times where the appearances are worth more than the essentials, that friendships are self-serving in terms of validity, the relationships are inconsistent and we live in a narcissistic generation.  PEOPLE WITH DYSTONIA, as well as anyone who has an incapacitating illness, learn to be more humane and compassionate.

 You must run away from people who live appearance and are futile…


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