If I could choose to have a superpower, I wanted the powers caused by the drug NZT-48 experienced by Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), a writer who lives in New York in the movie “LIMITLESS” released by Relativity Media on 18 March in 2011.

With these superpowers I could be a neurologist researcher in order to find the cure for writer’s cramp and dystonia.

I could learn about the movement disorder in a short time with all health activists who live with dystonia in the world, with all professionals and well as sharing experiences with the disease more quickly.

I could be a better health activist in the field of neurology, psychiatry and psychology.

Had this power caused by the NZT – 48, I could articulate a Global Dystonia Coalition in together with all advocates for better care for all who suffer with the disease.

If I were Eddie Morra with unlimited powers he acquired, maybe I could continue writing this article …  no pain, no difficulty, no discomfort, no crippled hands.


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