A Journey Living with Dystonia

I Write About my Health…

…and my history  living with dystonia because this is an interesting way I found to share with others about this disease and I feel that “sharing is caring”.

I write about my experience with dystonia because this is a way to seek better understanding of the problem and help others living with dystonia.

Writing about my own sickness for all to read is not an easy thing because you expose yourself too much and puts his face showing. Furthermore,  sharing  my journey I am helping myself and  help others along the way. This is something gratifying and healthy!

Writing about my journey living with dystonia makes me feel alive and seek to understand me better to live better with writer’s cramp. In fact, I write for myself and I write for other.

I write about my life with dystonia because I want to stimulate a debate with others who suffer from dystonia.  People who are silent, hopeless and alone!

But the biggest motivation that led me to do this was my performance in wegohealth  and the experience of other  health activists  bloggers who write about their particular diseases.

I write because I look for people with the same difficulty and want to exchange information for better understanding of writer’s cramp, dystonia…

I write about my health simply because I like to write despite having great difficulty in picking up a pencil to write something, just as much difficulty typing. I make a great effort to post these articles, but it is rewarding!  I feel alive and connected with people who understand me.


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