Mechanical Typewriter

I really liked this photo because it reminded me of the time of mechanical typing. In the 80s when I was studying sociology at the Federal University of Paraiba (Campina Grande-PB – northeastern  Brazil), we used a lot to the typewriter. There were no computers.

In the early 90’s when I started studying psychology at another university, the typewriter was still something important and valuable in the student world. It was a mechanical device necessary.

I remember I made a mechanical  typewriter  class and I always used the typewriter to do the works of the university. It was a different epoch.

I remember in the 90s that in some places had begun using electronic typewriter: a revolution for that epoch.  But the funny thing is that I still have as a relic a portable  mechanical typewriter stored at home.

After the advent of computers, things got easier. The “Microsoft Office Word” was a revolution to work and write. The mechanical  typewriter came gradually to be a museum piece, it was obsolete.


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