Best Conversation I had this week

This week, I went for a consultation with a neurologist. It was about two years since I had no consult  with him.

Neurologist: Good afternoon. How are you living with the Writer’s Cramp? Do you want to use Botox again?

Me: I do not want to use more botox. I’m a little better and I do not lose hope. My disease is stabilized, although I can not write, I have a great difficulty to type and use computers and then, do anything with my hands. Anything that requires fine psychomotricity, fine motions.

Neurologist: Are you doing any treatment?

Me: I am doing acupuncture and keep practicing Tai Chi Chuan, even with  crippled hands.

Neurologist: I admire your effort and commitment, but have you seen any improvement?

Me: Yes. Although the WC has evolved in recent times, I feel that the disease stabilized and greatly improved the mood and disposition.

Neurologist: how can I help you?

Me: Long ago, I used some medications and would use again.

Neurologist: Why?

Me: I’d like to make an attempt to drug treatment, because I have not lost hope.  I can not stand to suffer without seeking a solution.

Neurologist: As you already have experience and knowledge of this disease, let’s do a test with one of the medications you have used previously…

The akineton is indicated for movement disorder and can help.

Me: I want to do a test with this medication, even in conditions where I am.

Neurologist: I think that drug can help in some aspect, but this kind of disease does not resolve.

Me: I understand perfectly and I am aware that WC has no effective treatment yet.


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