A Letter to My 16-years-old Self

Dear Teenager,

I write to you now to say that the world today is very different. And if you want a better life you must study hard and get a profession early. You don’t need to be so rebellious. You should learn from the experience of older

I know you have a great difficulty to write and it really limits you to continue your studies. Also, I realize that you are a shy, reserved and different teenager.  On the other, you are a nice  and hardworking person, as well as  dedicated to the things you do.

I’d like to say you never give up on dreams and goals, seek to invest in your studies, do not miss the opportunities of life, seek to live as best as possible. You should seek help to survive and live with dystonia. Try to learn from the difficulties and the little things in life.

Anyway, you should have more fun and study more.

You should date more and  travel a lot.

You should look for more books to read,

And live with educated and intelligent people.

You must be strong to live with dystonia

You should enjoy more the nature  and all the good that life offers.

Get more sex, live life more intensely and be more gentle.

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