Writing is Good

HAWMC Day 15: Writing with Style

My writing style is free. Generally, I observe any subject within the theme of my blog and I do a reflection: I think and sometimes I ask people what they think about it. This is the first phase. It is the beginning of everything.

  Before writing, a second time, I try to do a little research about it better to support the article. Then I imagine in my head all topics or a framework of the text.

Then, thirdly, I start writing without worrying about grammar and words. I always write on my lap top because I can not write on paper, due to my illness. This is the moment when I correct the grammar and the most appropriate use of words. I see if what is written is appropriate: the kinds of feelings put in the text, the purpose of the text, the message and the means to draw the reader’s attention. This is the editing stage. Sometimes, after posting, I edit it  several times on the same day or the day after. With the text ready, always appears better ideas to make the article more interesting.

Fourth, I copy and paste the text in the edit portion of the blog, choose a picture or video, choose the tags, categories and links and, finally, do all the editing. Before publishing the article, read the whole article, I see that everything is in order and it’s done. Most times, I choose the title last.

After posting, I read the article again to find a typographical error. Actually, I do not know if I know how to write. The Blog is just a space for reflection and discussion of my experiences and my existence as a psychologist, while Human Being Living with Dystonia.

I like to write … despite difficulties. I think writing is good for the heart and mind.


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