Found a cure for dystonia

HAWMC Day 20: Miracle Cure

“It was released this week by the German Neurology Association  that German scientists have discovered the cure for all types of dystonia, including writer’s cramp. The stem cell research were already made more than five years and only now been found that treatment by surgery and stem cell transplants may be effective. There are also rumors of a medication that helps to improve symptoms in about 95%. While tests are being done with this drug. But there is a cure and people who have this disease can be optimistic that soon everyone will have access to treatment.”  HB, 04/20/2012

Disclaimer: This news published should not be taken seriously. It’s part of a  HAWMC marathon  and it’s a fictitious news.

What I think about?

 When I read this news  I felt impacted and did not believe, because thinking  about  the cure for this disease is a radical change in life. It’s the end of suffering and a limited life for so long. This means that we can have a life without this nightmare and  without this discomfort called dystonia.

Everything will change. I can not imagine after all this time  I can write freely without hands ache. I Can  finally type without discomfort, usually use cutlery and leafing through a book without difficulty. It is great joy … I do not believe. There will be no more sorrow and so much inconvenience. This is a miracle cure. It’s hard to think of living without the writer’s cramp. I think it’s a new life, a different life.  In fact I do not know how my life would be after so much pain and suffering… No writer’s cramp, no dystonia, no more pain  and disconfort, no involutary contractions.

What I say about?  Just keep calm and now you can write!  This is the most wonderful news I’ve ever had. It’s unbelievable.

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