A Nightmare called Writer’s Cramp

HAWMC Day 21:Health Madlib Poem

I have never written freely so long ago

Writer’s Cramp is unconfortable,  it have no cure yet

It’s simply crippled hands, disability and  living is always a struggle,

I am disappointed because it have no treatment.


It’s involuntary contractions and mistreat me too much

Though I have hidden myself with suffering,

I always amaze  myself  with  my determination and hope

Waiting quietly improving of  sizzling pains.


If this nightmare  worries  me  and I’m always stressed

My disease will evolve very still,

As when the pain of this writer’s cramp improve

The contractions have already been everywhere recognizing;


Nothing good which we can find in this disease type

It’s  disgrace is like  drugs dependence

Be satisfied with the diagnostic of  movement function loss,

Expecting an improvement with botox even  hating


I have no more hope, I must adapt to live with dystonia.

I hate this disease, it makes me very badly

I get depressed and dependent on the help of someone to write

I can not stand waiting more for a solution,  for a treatment .


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