A vacation in the field

HAWMC Day 25: Third person post

The small DAP when he was young used to spend his vacation on a small farm of the parents of a classmate from school.

He recalls that it was a good time because he played a lot with the boys who lived there. His daily routine always began early in the morning. He woke at 5:00 in the morning to take cow’s milk. Then he would ride a horse and take the cattle to graze in the field. Sometimes it would bathe in the pond, sometimes he would go fishing and hunting.…  The father of my colleague always forced us to drink milk very early in the barn.

He keeps these memories as one of the best moments of his childhood. Each time he spent a vacation in the field, he learned to appreciate more and more of nature and simple life.

The small farm was really cool because it had many trees, orchards of various kinds of fruit, cattle, cows, horses, sheep, chickens and turkeys … Moreover, had many children, who lived in the area for him to play. These were the perfect vacation for any kid.

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