Living with Writer’s Cramp: a challenge

HAWMC Day 27: Your Top 5

The prompt for today is to describe a list of  five challenges and a list of five small victories. After I thought a lot about my lists, I was able to identify these points below that are very important to me.

5 Challenges

1 – Continue living with writer’s cramp.

2 – Coordinate the CAPS (Psychosocial Care Center), a public health center to care for psychotic people.

3 – Continue with the rhythm of life I’m living, I work a lot.

4 – Write an article every day for the HAWMC marathon.

5 – Achieve to buy a house for me and not more paying  a rent to live.

 5 small victories

1 – The fact that I get to work and sustain myself so far, even with dystonia and cyclothymia.

2 – The recognition of my work as a psychologist by the public, colleagues and bosses. The respect and know-how through my work in mental health in the brasilian public health service.

3 – The stabilization of disease with acupuncture treatment and practice of Tai Chi Chuan

4 – The strength and tranquility to manage the demands of my professional life and the limitations imposed by dystonia so far

5 – Being a health activist and write a blog about my health condition.


What surprised me and made me happy is that I have managed to work with a great diversity of problems at the same time and I have managed to achieve my goals and objectives, even with a serious limitation that is a focal dystonia.

I think we must be willing to fight and not lose heart because of the difficulties! 

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