Writing without be able to Write

HAWMC Day 29: Six Sentences Story

What can you say in six sentences?

I felt very happy when I received an email from wegohealth inviting me to participate of the HAWMC marathon in  April. Immediately I made my subscription to participate in this marathon of writing. I was anxious and excited when I got the  prompts list because I thought I would not be able to write an article every day. I found the prompts really creative and they encourage the blogger to do  interesting posts which draw the reader’s attention. Despite my limitations and difficulties because of illness named writer’s cramp and considering the lack of time because of my work, I managed to get up today writing an article per day. I feel like a winner and a person who does not give up easily of important things  to my life as it is this HAWMC marathon and i thank the  wegohealh blog team that gave us this opportunity and this challenge.

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