Challenge completed

I really enjoyed participating in the HAWMC marathon promoted by Wegohealth and I was very happy because I managed to do 30 posts in april. I’m very proud of it!

I think this initiative  of the wegohealth staff was very nice because all who have a blog and enjoy writing about health and his condition as a way to collaborate with all who suffer, they need experiences like this.

I think the HAWMC was very creative and really was a challenge. I just didn’t do more best posts because my job requires me very much, writer’s cramp brings me serious limitations and my English is not very good. But despite the difficulties, I managed to get to the end of this marathon.

Congratulations to all who could join to the HAWMC and congratulations to  wegohealth  team because of activities like HAWMC  that help much  everybody  to improve their blogs  and be more professional in this experience of writing. We all learned playing with this challenge. I can say with Amanda and the entire team: Congrats on Completing #HAWMC 2012!

Finally, I liked all the articles I did, but I could highlight the posts from day 3 – Superpowerday; day 6 – Health Haiku; day 10 – A letter to my 16-years-old;  day 20 – Miracle Cure;  day 24 – Health mascot; day 28 – The first team I.. ;  day 29 –  Six sentence; and day 30 – Word cloud. I wrote some articles in Portuguese because this is my native language. I think writing a blog and participate in HAWMC must be an interesting exchange of languages and cultures.



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