Favorite Blogs

Day 7 –  Bonus Prompt

Everyone has their favorite things, their hobbies and entertainment. The favorite things discloses the individuality of each one. The most important thing is to learn to live with this diversity called a human being and the various cultures in the world.

Regarding the favorite blogs, we choose or be attracted to a certain blog for several reasons: our profession, our hobby, our health and our interests.

My favorite blogs are those related to:

1) Mental health and behavior because of my profession. In this aspect, I would highlight Estação Novos Rumos by CAPS (Psychosocial Care Center)  and Bipolar Burble by Natasha Tracy;

2) Dystonia because of my illness. I have writer’s cramp since my childhood. I like  Chronicles of A Dystonia  Muse by Pamela Sloate and The God Squad by Paddy Doyle;

3) An example of the overcoming of life with a disability: blindness.  The Blog do Ferrari.  Carlos Ferrari is a Brazilian blind, business administrator, a graduate degree in Marketing and has been President of the National Council of Social Welfare in Brazil.

I think I have many other blogs that I like too much and are on my list of favorite blogs, but at the moment I would like to emphasize why they have accessed frequently.