Writing about others experiences with Writer’s Cramp

On my blog has some articles about other people living with writer’s cramp and a few comments of books or videos from people with other types of dystonia. I do not know any of them personally. All these people are virtual friends.

Until the moment, I invited about five people to talk about their experiences with dystonia. I did an interview script and suggested that these people follow him to better guide them. And I created a standard form called  in portuguese “RECORTES DE UMA VIDA COM DISTONIA (CLIPPINGS FROM A LIFE WITH DYSTONIA)”. Click HERE to read one of the articles. However, I always let them decide how to write…  And yet, I have also commented some fews videos, books or blogs for others living with dystonia.

What made me decide do it was,  in the first place, the idea of making my blog a space for discussion about dystonia and encourage people to participate in the blog;

Secondly, I always thought this would be a way to learn from each other about living with dystonia;

Thirdly, I always wanted to encourage people to lose their shyness, learning to share their suffering and how they have overcome the difficulties of living with dystonia.

And finally, what made me decide to write about others is simple: to create a network of friends who practice solidarity and live better with dystonia.


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