Writer’s Cramp on Facebook

Today’s Prompt – Should people post about their(or loved ones) health on Facebook?

I think that social communities are very important nowadays where one of the major media is the internet. In modern society most people in the world can not live without using the network for long. And what can we talk about social networks? All are connected. Some employers and psychologists say staying away from social media is ‘suspicious’. Read this NEWS.

 Social networking has become the most convenient form of communication and one of the most used in recent times. Everyone has virtual friends. Everybody wants to be interconnected, be participating in various groups and online communities to communicate and not sit on the sidelines. Everyone wants to show her “face”.

Aiming to create virtual social relationships, Facebook, among several social communities, has achieved a record of interconnected users. Everybody writes something about his private life and about his family. In fact, we are being monitored on a real “Big Brother”.

I think with regard to health, as well as any other aspect of our lives, we must think about what we post and what we want to achieve with what we post. We must be circumspect and think about the consequences of what we post on social networks. So, the question “Why” and ” “for what purpose” should always guide us to write about regarding our health.

When we participate in a group or online health community , we are more comfortable sharing the sufferings, difficulties and limitations. Generally, people are encouraged to write or to post something showing what is most beautiful and handsome. Sometimes writing about health or difficulty is not a good thing or attractive. Some people do not feel comfortable and do not want to expose his private life or the “other face” that nobody see. The face of a life with a disability, a life with writer’s cramp.

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