Negative Feedback in your community

Today’s Prompt: Advice for dealing with negative feedback in your community

A virtual health community  is an important device to provide support for people suffering from a certain disease. The problem is that in an online community of this kind may arise some difficulties and inconveniences. Negative feedback can arise in the relationship of community members.
I think that anyone who participates in health communities should be some rules that guide everyone towards how to behave in the virtual relationship. After all, an online health community generally accepts all people who make a request to participate. So we’re dealing with different people with different interests. It’s natural negative feedbacks happen.
Regarding advice for dealing with negative feedback, I could point out a few:
1) Never be rude to the community member who has posted a negative comment;

2) It is important to try to understand the various reasons for the negative attitude;

3) You must understand and ask why the person made ​​any negative comments;

4) Provide support and care;

5) You should not give much importance to negative comments. People who give negative feedback can has any emotional problem;

6) The poison of negativity IS GREAT.  Negative emotions environments can wreak havoc on one’s personal life.  So, negative comments should be seen as an opportunity to let yourself shine.