Caring for patients with writer’s cramp

Today’ Prompts: Write about your advice for someone caring for a patient with your condition

Caring for patients with dystonia is not that simple. We’re talking about patients with neurological disease. I think the neurological movement diseases not only affect physical performance, but is a source of emotional instability, anxiety and mood disorders.

In the case of writer’s cramp, the simple fact of not being able to write or type in the civilization of writing and computing is a cause of emotional distress and feelings of inadequacy. Caring for patients with dystonia is necessary to perceive you as a human being in its various aspects. Not only the physical dimension.

Anyone who is caring for someone with dystonia need to have awareness that the patient should become an actor of his treatment, he should be well informed about the disease, the patient must have acknowledging of every illness process and possible treatments and ultimately each case should be treated uniquely.

Your patient will have good days and bad days.  Sometimes, the pain and the discomfort they are experiencing is probably some of the worst in their lives. You need to know how to handle it.

You should understand that patients with dystonia lives a real nightmare!