Questions about a life with writer’s cramp

Today’s Prompt: Questions I have for other patients

Once a psychiatrist friend asked me why I write so much about dystonia. I replied that this is the focus of my blog and writing is a therapeutic way of dealing with suffering that writer’s cramp has caused. Also, when I realize that has several blog readers with the same condition as mine, I feel more excited.  Write a blog about health is one of the best virtual ways to discuss the problem and practicing activism.

Since childhood when I realized I had a great difficulty to write, I always wondered why this is. When I was diagnosed in 2000, I have always tried to meet others with the same condition. I think this attitude is natural and we all need to share the pain and experiences of life about our disease.

I think the main questions I have for patients who shares my condition are:

How they are living with the writer’s cramp? How should they feel about this disease? What has disease hampered in their lives? What have they done to relieve suffering?

Here in Brazil has no support groups for people with dystonia. How do they cope with the emotional and psychological health? So, how patients seek support? Where do they find such support?