Alternative Treatment for Writer’s Cramp

Today’s Prompt: Write about alternative treatments/regimens/medicine.  What do you support? What is crazy?

Since I was diagnosed by my neurologist in 2000 and also by professionals from Sarah Kubitschek Hospital(Brasilia) in 2008 as a patient who has writer’s cramp since childhood, I’ve done some treatments in an attempt to minimize or delay the progression of the disease.

First of all, since my teens I have been practicing yoga and tai chi chuan. Today, I practice tai chi alone with little attendance. I have noticed that these practices have helped me a lot throughout my life.

The first treatment I did after the diagnosis was using drugs as artane and Akineton. In my case, they did not do very effect. The second treatment I did with my neurologist was the use of botox. I felt much better. I started writing with relative ease, despite the slowness in the act of writing. In the course of time, treatment with botulinum toxin had no effect and much more began to experience side effects such as fine arm and loss of strength. I was scared … After three years, I abandoned treatment.

 Today, I’m doing acupuncture. It’s been more than two years I have made applications. I’ve been feeling very well. This type of treatment has care of the emotional and physical. The psychomotor and grip in pencil greatly improved, as well as has improved a lot the mood disorder.  However, compensatory postures and crippled hands continue.

At the same time, I’m still using some adapters to write something I need in my work. What I find crazy is that I need in my work all the time to write and sign a document. This is what leads me to greater suffering and a great challenge. If I had a job that did not need to use writing, I guess I would not suffer as I have suffered.

A colleague once told me that the remedy for writer’s cramp is “not writing”. This is the major challenge in the “civilization of writing.” I have realized that I can not bear to live without writing.

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