The Month of Celebration

Today’s Prompt: Thanks Post. Write about what you’re thankful for!

In November 2012, the month of the  “National Health Blog Post Month”  Event , my Blog has reached and surpassed the twenty thousand accesses. A very nice coincidence and that has me excited.

I am grateful for this opportunity that the Wegohealth company has given to us  and it  is much more than a challenge. It is an opportunity to develop ourselves and be more professional in the art of making blog. I appreciate the support provided by Wegohealth to  health activists bloggers. I have learned a lot from this. I have sought help people with dystonia through my blog.

I also thank the readers of the blog today. Because of them, my blog has already exceeded 20 thousand hits.

I thank all my friends who live with dystonia. I thank Brigitte Leturcq, Pamela Sloate and Paddy Doyle for consideration, friendship and  dystonia activism.

This month I’m participating in the #NHBPM Event, my blog has reached the following numbers: 51 followers; 175 posts and 96 comments. “CÂIMBRA DO ESCRITOR” has been the most accessed  post and the month  busiest was April 2012 with 1296 visitors.   April 2012 was exactly the month I have participated the  # HAWMC (Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge) Event  promoted by Wegohealth.  Another  nice coincidence!

2 pensamentos sobre “The Month of Celebration

  1. When a person is fighting for a cause, it is normal to be helped. It is with great pleasure that I read your post. Thank you for being my friend. Good luck.


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