The hope for a cure

Today’s Prompt: What’s something your doctor taught you or you taught your doctor?

I found it difficult to write about this topic. But when I first read it, my mind suddenly remembered a tip that a neurologist at the  Sarah Kubitschek Hospital (Brasilia) gave me. I was angry and never forgot what she said. This happened in 2008.
“Excuse me, but I can not do anything for you regarding the writer’s cramp,” she said. She continued by saying that I would have to find adaptive ways to write or even use a fork or things like that.
I think I had a hope, an illusion of finding a treatment or palliative to help me write or type without much difficulty or suffering.
“There’s no treatment yet,” she said. I swallowed hard. But the end of the sentence that says: “… yet,” made ​​me think about the possibility of still having the hope of a solution…
I felt a sense of disappointment in the consultation. I rushed out of the office and feeling displaced.

I still have a hope of finding a cure for dystonia!