The hope for a cure

Today’s Prompt: What’s something your doctor taught you or you taught your doctor?

I found it difficult to write about this topic. But when I first read it, my mind suddenly remembered a tip that a neurologist at the  Sarah Kubitschek Hospital (Brasilia) gave me. I was angry and never forgot what she said. This happened in 2008.
“Excuse me, but I can not do anything for you regarding the writer’s cramp,” she said. She continued by saying that I would have to find adaptive ways to write or even use a fork or things like that.
I think I had a hope, an illusion of finding a treatment or palliative to help me write or type without much difficulty or suffering.
“There’s no treatment yet,” she said. I swallowed hard. But the end of the sentence that says: “… yet,” made ​​me think about the possibility of still having the hope of a solution…
I felt a sense of disappointment in the consultation. I rushed out of the office and feeling displaced.

I still have a hope of finding a cure for dystonia!

3 pensamentos sobre “The hope for a cure

  1. That was in 2008 Divanicio, and now in 2012, it still happens like this with some doctors. That is why I am down in French Guiana that patients are not correctly diagnosed.


  2. Really there is after today’s medical view still no healing. Nevertheless, we do not give up of course hope. But we must try to healing comes to live well with the discomfort.
    I myself have cervikale dystonia (Torticollis).

    Tatsächlich gibt es nach heutiger medizinischer Sicht noch keine Heilung. Trotzdem geben wir natürlich die Hoffnung nicht auf. Aber wir müssen bis Heilung kommt, mit den Beschwerden versuchen, gut zu leben.
    Ich selbst habe cervikale Dystonie (Torticollis).


  3. I am a leader of a self-help group Dystonia Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Germany). To me is known that writing cramp can be treated quite hard. Therefore, the success rate, for example, with the treatment of Botox is low.

    Ich bin Leiter einer Selbsthilfegruppe Dystonie Wiesbaden (bei Frankfurt Deutschland). Mir ist bekannt, dass Schreibkrampf ganz schwer therapiert werden kann. Die Erfolgsquote zum Beispiel mit der Behandlung von Botox ist deshalb gering.


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