New treatment for Writer’s Cramp

Today’s Prompt: Write a TV episode of your favorite show that features someone with your condition. What do you want people to know?

This video is not a favorite, but a story that I found doing research on writer’s cramp. According to a news story, Flinders University researcher is testing a new treatment for writer’s cramp. The news was posted on Youtube a year ago. This ABC  TV report entitled “New treatment for writer’s cramp” caught my attention.

After all, a story of this importance, everybody has to know. I can not understand English well – especially the Australian English – but I put subtitles in English and I understood the news. This Youtube’s feature is very formidable: automatic captions.

I wish all friends who live with dystonia seek to investigate this important discovery. To what extent this finding is true?  The treatment is based on “Non-invasive brain stimulation study”  for focal dystonia. You can access more information  HERE.  

Check out more about the effectiveness of therapy on the Flinders University‘ s website. This university is located in the city of Adelaide, South Australia.


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