The goals have been evolved…

Today’s Prompt: How have your goals as a patient/advocate/person evolved?

I think I have reached my goals with this blog because I have seen many comments and people  with dystonia accessing it and being satisfied with the content that they find it.  This is an interesting way to advocate!

I feel very happy for that and I realize I’m not alone in this difficult journey with dystonia…

Another thing that makes me realize that my goals have evolved as a patient is that I have made ​​many friendships with people who have the same condition as mine and we exchanged information about how to live better with dystonia and on the advancement of medical research in this area .

Increasingly, I have learned about the disease. This has stimulated me to research and read more about the   neurologic movement disorder. I have sought help people with dystonia through my blog.

I think this is a great advance for anyone living with dystonia: is involved in some  health activism.  I have found other blogs that share my same condition.  I have been increasingly encouraged to continue practicing Dytonia BloggerMania:. I conceptualize this as Dystonia Activism.

My goals have evolved as a person. I have managed to work as a psychologist and coordinate a Psychosocial Care Center that cares for  psychotic people. Despite the limitations caused by writer’s cramp, I have lived intensely.

3 pensamentos sobre “The goals have been evolved…

  1. Divanicio, I thank you for evolving into the inaugural member of Dystonia BloggerMania on Facebook, my vision of Dystonia blogger-advocates sharing their activism. And of course, your commitment to WEGO Health’s month of daily blogging is an impressive feat for which you deserve due credit. -Pamela-


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