Sharing Resources about Writer’s Cramp


“Care Pages” is a interesting theme. My own blog provides links to pages and blogs about dystonia. You can access them on the sidebar which I think is the best resource available for anyone newly diagnosed with dystonia that has sought information when they start advocating for themselves or a loved one.

The  set of links that I would reccommend for someone who is newly diagnosed with Dystonia is:

WEMOVE – Worldwide Education and Awareness for Movement Disorders

DMRF  –  Dystonia Medical Research Foundation


MDS  –  The Movement Disorder Society

Dystonia Advocacy Network

ADS  –  American Dystonia Society

The Bachmann-Strauss

I always access these resources to search and interact about the neurological movement  disorder. These are some amazing  pages and all deserve a little peek at!  Well,  I think my blog is a good source of information for  newly diagnosed people with writer’s cramp… with dystonia. Then, you should connect, share and care!



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