A Letter to an older Myself


Writing a letter to myself in the future is a funny thing and makes me think about how I’ll be living with more than 80 year old.

Dear elder,

I write to you now to say that I am worried if are you still living with writer’s cramp? Do I like to know if the cure for dystonia was found before you get the eighty years? Or if does the disease have worsened?
I hope you’ve been enjoying a life without problems with dystonia. Would be so nice if you could be writing normally and do anything that involves fine motor skills without difficulty and suffering, even with more eighty years!

Anyway, I wish there will come a day where I can demarcate a line between my life pre and post dystonia … And you would can enjoy a life without dystonia, my old man!

Well, even though I have lived a lifetime with writer’s cramp, not knowing what to live without dystonia, I hope when I will be with more than eighty years old, my life will be better and more peaceful without distonia.

I hope you remember the willpower to live and overcome the difficulties of living with dystonia you’d ever had in your youth.

Then,I tell you need not get so scared if the disease will make you even more disabled. Maintain this good mood you always had in youth.

See you soon, in the future!


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