Ridiculous Things about Writer’s Cramp


Today’s  My Prompts: Sensationalize

Say WHAT!? What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition? Where did you hear it and what did you think?

Regarding the ridiculous things that I remember to have heard about my condition suffering of writer’s cramp, I can name two of them that caught my attention.

The first ridiculous thing  I have heard about my condition was an email I received two years ago from a woman who lives in southern Brazil. She accessed my blog and wrote me in an aggressive manner saying that the  writing task-specific dystonia  was healing because she was healed by faith in Jesus. She said the cause of the disease was merely coming from emotional trauma. From what I understood, she meant that the writer’s cramp was a diagnosis of conversion disorder. This is really a ridiculous thing! I have not answered her email, obviously.

The second  ridiculous thing I heard was that a doctor told me: “you are right. Look at your hand in its place. You’re  using cutlery and feeding. You are not crippled!”

I felt a great anger  of the asshole way that this doctor said. He was not willing to see which indeed is this disease and its peculiarities.

I did not answer and not wasted my time with a ignorant  doctor. I do not usually talk to morons people.

One last ridiculous thing was what a psychologist colleague told me: “had you tried to make a spiritual surgery?”.
Well, I do not usually get acquainted with people who do not know what to say.

Enough! It is very annoying to hear ridiculous things about our condition and suffering!


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