The Crab and the Writer’s Cramp

imagesToday’s Prompt:  If your health condition (or the health condition of a loved one!) was  an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?

This prompt today is very difficult. I think the suggestion was great, but I confess I have not yet found an animal that could represent my condition.

I was curious to try to find an animal that symbolizes the writer’s cramp.

So, after some research I discovered that the  crab’s paw looks like a compensatory posture of my hand when I need to pick up a fork or a piece of paper on the table.  On this occasion, my index finger joins the middle finger and both ring and little fingers  flex inwards forming a crab paw  when it wants to get something. This similarity is something incredible! 

This is serious! No joke and nor imagination!

The same happens when I’m typing on my computer. When this posture  similar to a crab’s paw  happens, I feel very discomfort  and I do not feel will continuing what I’m doing. When I’m typing, I put a pencil between in my  indicative and medium fingers  in order to break this posture similar to crab paw.

Considering this feature or symptom of  task specific dystonia that reminds me  a crab with its paw ready to attack or defend itself, I am forced to recognize that at this time the crab, so common on the Brazilian beaches and  cuisine, is the best animal that represents the writer’s cramp.

So this is the animal that I chose: the crab. Indeed, this compensatory posture of the hand and arm while trying to catch something, which is presented by dystonia sufferer,  I think we can call it as  “crab’s paw posture”.

I hope you have understood me in this discovery of similarity. This prompt made ​​me think a little more about the symptoms of writer’s cramp.