Spread the Love!


Today’s Prompt: Thank a few of your fellow Health Activists for what they have done.  Call them out by name or twitter handle.  Share your love.

I would like to thank my colleagues in the “Dystonia BloggerMania” group on Facebook. I have learned a lot with the experience of everyone and I feel supported knowing that I am not  alone with regard to living with dystonia and be a health activist blogger.

I appreciate a fantastic person called Pamela Sloate that has a very cool blog named “Chronicles Of a Dystonia Muse“.  I consider her a great friend!
I am very happy to have found this group that I named  “Dystonia  Activists Bloggers”.  This is very important to me. The social media has approached people with the same condition and living in different countries.  We can share the experiences, achievements and sufferings on our health condition. This is therapeutic!

The health activism has this feature: backup and support. Congratulations to Rebecca Moller and Andrea Robinson who has always written beautiful posts that talk about their experiences of living with dystonia. I have greatly enjoyed the fabulous campaign named “Go Blue is Going Bigger” promoted by Rebecca NTony Sharp.  Anyway, thanks to all who are join in the  “Dystonia BloggerMania” group.