Sharing “Go Blue”


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I really liked the attitude of  Rebecca  NTony Sharp  that has dyed a lock of blue in her hair. And she has done it with her husband in honor of his father and all those who suffer in silence of dystonia as me.
I was really thrilled with this attitude and I think  this form of awareness about dystonia is very creative and unique. This really makes a difference!

The campaign called “Go Blue ” promoted by Rebecca  and her husband is fantastic  and it’s really making a new mark!  She is courageous and truly embodies the spirit of Dystonia Activism as a daughter of a patient living with dystonia.  Then, I invite all: “Go Blue for Dystonia”.

Dystonia Daughter is her interesting blog that aims to raise awareness people,  advocating  dystonia patients all over the world and educate others on what Dystonia is. I think it’s worth reading!



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