Dystonia Blogger Burnout


Today’s Prompt: It’s the worst. That feeling when nothing seems to be going right for you and you’re not sure when things will turn around. The dreaded, burnout.   What does it feel like? What are your burnout triggers? 

I think the worst feeling is fatigue and lack of motivation on health activism. Burnout happens when you fight for something and loses hope. You become discouraged and exhausted often. You have no interest in investing goals.  You give up fight!

One of the ways I deal with this is  writing articles for my blog, even with the peculiar difficulty of  the writer’s cramp. But sometimes, I feel with what I call “Dystonia  Activist Blogger burnout”. Once in a while I wonder why I bother to make  blog posts.  So I see no sense in being blogger and I want to give up.  I feel upset!

I think the main  burnout trigger that I always use to get out of the pit of tiredness and lack of willingness  in order to  continue  fighting as  Dystonia  Activist  Blogger is reading other  health blogs  and join in social medias  talking with people who has the same condition as mine.   I have always tried to remember  how many lives I am impacting and  that I am making a difference as my friends with the same condition have done. I have always tried to remember that I am  not alone!

Finally,  some things that can make me enthused and inspired to lead are:  try something new; use other media, people, and outside sources to inspire myself;  make connections with someone else in the community and help each other stay motivated and inspired; don’t be all health all the time and share other parts of myself so I feel less pressured to deliver the same thing; banish perfectionism. Keep it real; Share support with selected peers. Take breaks and  ask for feedback.