Dystonia Bloggers: a flower in the wilderness


Today’s Prompt: The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – Mulan. True or false? When do you bloom best?

I think this thought of Mulan is a real and profound philosophy. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful because it makes a difference, draws attention of all and really becomes rare and unique.

I think all of us who have dystonia are a flower that blooms in adversity because even with the limitations and suffering we have sought to live intensely.

I think the best moment that I have bloomed was the decision to be a Dystonia Activist Blogger. Write about your experiences and about your health condition is not easy. Being a health activist means  blooming in adversity!

I think all the bloggers friends I met in the “Dystonia BloggerMania”  group on Facebook are pretty flowers that have arisen in a dry desert and are making a difference.

Although dystonia and bad days we have experienced, I think we’re a new light and a beautiful flower in the desert, because we have the courage to show our face and be real activists bloggers.

Our struggle is worth it! We deserve the love and support we have received. It is worth educate and raise awareness about dystonia through our blogs and our experience of a lifetime with dystonia. The beauty of life is to see the value that is around us, even when the darkness surrounds us.

I raise a toast to all the friends of the “Dystonia BloggerMania” group! We are the real flower that blooms in adversity and in the wildness!  All of you are very important to me!


4 pensamentos sobre “Dystonia Bloggers: a flower in the wilderness

  1. Divanicio,

    Your praise song on the Dystonia-affected person which makes known her stories in the form of Blogs of the world corresponds to the truth and is also right.
    You everything make it right. I blogge not, I do it in my way and try to be present everywhere.
    It is nice that I may have you and many others than FB friends.

    Many greetings from Germany



    Dein Loblied auf die Dystonie-Betroffenen, die ihre Geschichten in Form von Blogs der Welt kund tun, entspricht der Wahrheit und ist auch richtig.
    Ihr alle macht es richtig. Ich blogge nicht, ich mache es auf meine Weise und versuche überall dabei zu sein.
    Es ist schön, dass ich Dich und viele andere als FB-Freunde haben darf.

    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland



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