Everyday life of a Blogger!


Today’s Prompt: Write about something ordinary that’s inspiring to you, something simple, perhaps overlooked, that fuels your activism.

I think a simple thing that inspires me to continue my health activism as blogger is feedback that friends give me through the comments on my blog.   The simple act of sharing the post on facebook makes me more motivated, too.

These attitudes are important to me and shows how much I am being recognized and I think it’s a thermometer to measure my prestige. Articles written become important for those who read. This is rewarding and encourages me to continue my health activism.

Finally, the number of  blog’s  followers  may be a positive feedback that encourages me to continue writing and incorporate the label of Dystonia Activist Blogger.
These attitudes of readers and friends are important because it reveals that what I’m doing and writing is a substantial and worthwhile  something.  These kinds of feedbacks are so important to a blogger as well as the number of books sold means for a writer.

These everyday occurrences can turn our frown upside down and make my outlook sunnier!  A positive feedback is a  smallest thing that  can make the biggest difference. On the other hand, it is worth explaining that my self-esteem does not depend exclusively on these attitudes.  I just think  health activism is not done alone!  You are not a blogger just for yourself!