No technology, harder health activism!


Today’s Prompt: Write about how your life would change if there was no social media.

Last month I went to spend a weekend in a remote and secluded beach. It was a fishing village that had no internet and no mobile phone signal. I was faced with a beautiful  and wild  nature, but I began to realize how much I am technology dependent and can not live without the internet.

I remember that I was impatient at certain moments because of this. But I began to think it was just a weekend without these technologies.   I would have no problem just for a weekend!  However, I could not get rid  of  feeling that something was missing, quickly .

I would feel a lot more isolated with my disease, if I was not able to connect through the internet with others with  the same  health condition that I have: writer’s cramp.

The social network has allowed me to meet new people around the world with the same condition as mine. It has helped me to know more about dystonia, find  research foundation  as DMRF and a platform named WegoHealth. And lastly, it has enabled me to be a  dystonia blogger  in order to educate and raise awareness about dystonia, as well as share our experiences of a lifetime with writer’s cramp.

I think I owe a lot to social media like facebook, the craze for blogs, twitter and other Internet devices. The social media has greatly eased our lives in all aspects. The virtual world is a new lifestyle that enables health activism through a blog.

I lived a long time without these technologies such as the internet and mobile phone. And today I depend heavily on them for a living. My health activism relies heavily on social media. I would not be a dystonia blogger and I would not have so many friends with the same condition if there was no social media. In short, we’d be disconnected with the world if there were no social network. It would be more difficult!


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