Learning about Dystonia

meeting-icon-clean1Today’s Prompt: We don’t stop learning when we leave the classroom. Share something you learned from another Health Activist (Share their name/blog/website!).

Life with Dystonia, was the subject of a conversation that Dr. Marie-Helene Marion, a  Frenchwoman  neurologist specializing in  movement disorders, had with a support group for people with dystonia in London , about 12 months ago.

According to her, the dystonia is or becomes a source of disability; a source of pain considering that the diagnosis often is delayed; a source of anxiety and a source of despair.

According to her, the patient should become an actor of their treatment,  they should be well informed about the disease, having  knowledge of the disease’s entire process and possible treatments and each case should be handled as only.

All this has been said by the neurologist is not new to me, but I learned a lot from these reflections because we can only live well with dystonia if we have well informed about the symptoms of the disease and its peculiarities manifested in every person. What caught my attention is the fact dystonia be a source of a depression, distress and despair.

At the current moment, I think what everyone should know is that every patient should be an actor of their treatment and that each case must be carefully treated as unique.  And everyone should know that Dystonia is more than a movement disorder!



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