Recap HAWMC!


Today’s Prompt:  Today, write a recap of your experience.  What was your favorite prompt? Least favorite? What have you learned? Describe your HAWMC experience in one word!

I really enjoyed taking part of this challenge. I confess that it was not easy to write a post a day, despite the prompts were very interesting and nicely drawn up.
I do not know much to say, but this event was a moment of a great learning and this was a month of education and  raise awareness about  our conditions. I think this  was a month of  reflection about our  health activism.
HAWMC is definitely an important event for Health Activist Blogger.
I had the opportunity to meet many bloggers and share other conditions. This is important for our self-esteem.
Finally, I liked most of the prompts, but I want to highlight, at this moment,  the following posts:

Day 2 =Introductions: A Lifetime with Writer’s Cramp

Day 7 = Ridiculous Things about Writer’s Cramp

Day 8 = The Crab and the Writer’s Cramp

Day 12 = Hindsight:a diagnosis of writer’s cramp!

Day 14 = Spread the Love!

Day 15 =Sharing “Go Blue

Day 21 = Dystonia Bloggers: a flower in the wilderness

Day 22 = Everyday life of a Blogger!

Day 23 = No technology, harder health activism!

Day 25 = Learning about Dystonia

Day 26 = Pain-Free Pass

Day 27 = Books of a Man with Writer’s Cramp

Day 28 = Must Follow!

Well, I can describe my HAWMC experience as follows: a real CHALLENGE, “Go Blue for all Health Conditions!” and ” Health Activists Bloggers: a flower in the wilderness”.

It’s over…


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