Adaptive Device: an effort to use my hands


This is an adapter or a kind of  simple tool to type on my laptop that I have developed with the help of a craftswoman fellow who works with me at the CAPS – Psychosocial Care Center – a health service that cares psychotic people. It has facilitated to typing so much and it was made with chinese chopsticks. It is personal and I do not advise using it. But if you are a writer’s cramp sufferer with the same symptoms as mine, you can try it.

The problem is that my right arm has a twist and turning my hand’s palm upward (involuntary turning of my right wrist – forearm supination). I have no strength in my right hand to write or typing. Sometimes, I use a pencil with a rubber instead of my chopsticks when I need to type. How much suffering!lapis

On the other hand, when I use the computer, this apparatus does not help me. Then I have used a pencil between the index and middle fingers for easy typing. This was a suggestion from a orthopedist friend who is a writer’s cramp sufferer, too. How muh effort!

I do not stand to invent adaptive devices… But this is the life I have. I am this way! I have to survive and go ahead. How much lack of choice! No other option…

Nearly five years ago, a neurologist woman with a german accent told me that I had to learn  living with dystonia and adapt myself to disease. I have done this. I have struggled to overcome the obstacles! But I have no patience to live with this nightmare called dystonia.