Dystonia Books


Livros lidos/Livres déjà lu/Read books:

1º) A Twisted Fate: My Life with Dystonia  –  Brenda Currey Lewis;

2º) I’m moving two: a poetic journey with dystonia –  Beka Serdans;

3º) I’m moving On… are u? – Beka Serdans;

4º) Living in the Body with a Mind of its Own  – Rev. Mike Beck;

5º) Living Well with Dystonia – Daniel Truong et al;

6º) Never Look Down – Zachary Weinstein;

7º) Recuperação Motora da Escrita na Câimbra do Escrivão –  Flavia Quadros Boisson Waissman;

8º) Surviving Dystonia – Carmine Petrangelo;

9º) Yoga for Movement Disorders – Renée Le Verrier.


Livros não lidos/Livres non lus/Unread books:

1°) Convivir com Distonias: movimientos Involuntarios  –  Maria Graciela Cersósimo et al;

2º) Clinical Diagnosis and Management of Dystonia  –  Thomas Warner e Susan Bressman;

3º) Diagnosis Dystonia: navigating the journey – Tom Seaman;

4º) Distonias: da Genética a Clínica – Carlos Henrique F. Camargo et al;

5º) Distonie: Storie di distonia – Flavia Cogliati, Giovanna Fumagalli e Beatrice Pozzoli;

6º) Dysphonie spasmodique  –  Henri Recher;

7º) Dystonie de l’enfant  –  Didier Van Cauwelaert;

8º) Dystonies: nos corps em désaccord – Patrice Arnoud et al;

9º) Le jardin secret de ma douleur – Céline Bellemare;

10º) Misdiagnosed: My Thirty-Year Struggle with a Debilitating Disorder I Never Had – Jean Sharon Abbott.

11º) What To Do When The Storm Comes: Finding Strength Through Adversity Natalie Chubbs


2 pensamentos sobre “Dystonia Books

  1. Good morning, M. Pessoa. Hi Divanicio!
    I Shared! Good work you have produced looking for all the books about dystonia, all around the world.
    Thank for our book “Dystonies : nos corps en désaccord “.
    All the books, you have listed, are they actually all in sold?
    May I suggest you some others french books about dystonia written by people with this illness?
    Friendly, Patricia

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    • Patricia, In fact, most of these books I’ve listed, I’ve read them. And the few I did not read, I plan to buy and read them, okay.
      You can buy them on amazon.com.
      Yes, I am grateful if you have suggestions from other books on dystonia!


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